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Introducing Elemental Initiatives Portland

Playing in a PNW river.

This spring, Ernesto accepted an exciting position as the CEO of Hacienda Community Development Corporation in Portland, and this summer Elemental's headquarters moved to Oregon with the Fonseca/Halverson family. This has also led to switching leadership and support roles; since leaving Arizona State University to relocate, I will be leading the business and Ernesto will take a less active role. Between our team members, we can continue most of our services but we have removed design and architecture from the services we are able to offer, and have added services focused on entrepreneurship and small businesses.

So far, Portland is a fun place to live: we can walk, bike, or use public transit for most errands; there is fantastic food everywhere; the weather (at least in summer) has been gorgeous; and the local parks offer beautiful backdrops for active play. We have been listening to local residents, however, and with the good we are hearing about struggles with gentrification, affordable housing, and finding jobs with good salaries. We are ready to work with Portland residents, businesses, municipalities and other stakeholders to address these issues.

I am delighted to introduce Elemental in Portland while we continue taking on projects throughout the West, traveling and working with partners in Arizona and California to support communities in creating the vibrant, healthy neighborhoods they desire. If you're in Portland, or anywhere in the West, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out with any questions, comments, introductions, stories, or feedback!

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