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Here are a few samples of the documents that Elemental has written and published. Click the links to see the full documents, and please let us know if you have any questions. 

With collaborators from Empowered PhXX, ASU, and small business owners, we examined the experiences of women business owners in Phoenix and used that information to make four recommendations to maximize the economic impact of those businesses. 

Health Impact Assessment: Madison Heights

This is the result of research into three properties owned by the Housing Authority of Maricopa County which were in relatively poor condition, requiring significant modifications to meet the needs of residents. The Housing Authority was planning a new development to provide quality housing for those low-income residents in a potentially amenity-rich area. The purpose of this study was to work with current residents to understand existing social and environmental conditions and to learn what factors needed to be addressed.

Workbook: Community Gardens

Your guide to understanding, starting and sustaining a community garden in your neighborhood.

Reinvent Phoenix: Midtown District Participatory Planning Workshop Report

​Working with community leaders and residents, the Reinvent PHX team worked to create plans to increase health and economic opportunities in the communities located in five transit districts along the light rail corridor. A central goal of this project is to increase community participation to address access to healthy foods and environments and to guide future urban, housing and economic development opportunities in all selected districts.

A Community Design Tale

This project was designed to advance the understanding of current housing needs and the future of our communities in the Mesa, Tempe and Chandler area. The project was developed through a participatory planning and design process. This is a powerful tool that enables residents and other stakeholders to work with design professionals and developers to envision what our communities could and should be.

A Guide for Evaluating Transit-Oriented Development Near Valley Metro Light Rail

It is becoming increasingly popular to forgo personal cars. Those looking for an affordable, green, walkable, bikeable neighborhood near public transit can use this guide to evaluate prospective neighborhoods.

Workbook: Creating Resilient Communities

The Creating Resilient Communities workbook contains 52 information-packed pages of resources, strategies, elements, tips, tools and ideas to explore. While readers gain access to “how-to” steps and possibilities, they are also introduced to profiles of a half-dozen resilient communities based in Arizona.


History leaves no doubt. Communities will face adversity over time. Whether it comes from natural, political, structural or economic effects, the Creating Resilient Communities workbook can help prepare a community to absorb it and bounce back.

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